Farrah Flawless



Hi!  I am Farrah a.k.a. Farrah Flawless. I am the bright and shiny tattooed face you will most often see when you first come into the studio. I am the counter help and floor manager of Way Body Arts and Chimera Tattoo.

I have been piercing on and off since early 2000. I pierced around the Midwest for about 4 years before opening my own studio in 2004. Soon after I realized being a business owner was not for me at the time, so I closed its doors and set out on an adventure through the US, Canada, and Europe, guest spotting and taking positions at studios, picking up more knowledge and experience along the way. In 2009, I took an early retirement continuing to pierce and tattoo by appointment only until I moved to California in October 2009. After living a year in the great state working as LP and management of a well known retail store, I left to join the team here are Way Body Arts. I had known Mateo and Sammy for years prior to moving out to Santa Cruz. We all were members of a now defunct social networking site called IAM, featured on BMEZINE.com. My love of the community and profession made it hard for me to stay away. I don’t pierce or tattoo anymore, but bring over a decade of experience to the table to help our clients get the best service and jewelry options that I can.

Some of you might know me as the former Pauly Unstoppable. I have been featured in many publications from my infamous reputation for pushing my body/piercings/modification passed the limit of what most would think haha. I’ve been featured in Taboo Tattoo, Tattoo Life, Savage, Bizarre, Modblog, and BME, as well as Ripley’s Believe it or not and Guinness Book of World Records. I have also appeared on Taboo, National Geographic, and many online shows. In early 2013 I came out as transgender and started HRT, closing the chapter of Pauly and starting a new one as Farrah.

In my spare time I enjoy bikes, hiking, and coffee. I aspire to start piercing again sometime in life. I feel it is my calling.

I am a classically trained artist, usually focusing on oil and acrylic. I used to make custom wood and polymer body jewelry. I also own a small jewelry and imports business called Satori Magic. I make custom prayer beads/malas/japa beads and pendants. I recently started importing Hindu and Buddhist items direct from India, Tibet, and Nepal.

You can see my jewelry and other items for sale by visiting my webstore: www.satorimagic.com