We’re Sorry! It’s Been Too Long!!!

Hello everyone! We want to apologize for our lack of updates in the past few months. A lot has been happening at WAY and we are making it a point to make monthly updates. I am going to dedicate this post to all of the work Samantha and I have been doing since our last post. We have been staying nice and busy, traveling and loving every second of it. Enjoy the post and check out some of the changes regardling our location and specials!!!

I thought we could dedicate this post to some not so “regular” piercings, as well as some “basic” piercings with great jewelry optiona that we have had the pleasure of performing in the past few months. Multiple times we have clients who ask for something “different”. A majority of piercings have been done numerous times but every so once in awhile unique anatomy or jewelry style allow us to do some really fun! Enjoy!

Healed Inverse Vertical Labret

The young lady above is sporting a beautifully well healed inverse vertical labret. We have done a number of these piercings and even though they can have a lengthy healing process for some, they are extremely complementary to the lips.

The young lady below is a regular at our studio. Kelly came in with her momma a few months back to get pierced and was interested in getting an inverse vertical labret like the young lady in the photo above. After talking to a few colleagues about different jewelry styles and placement, Kelly and I decided to take a slightly different approach to this piercing. Kelly is sporting a straight titanium labret stud with a small titanium disk, the very same style of jewelry used for a traditional labret. We noticed a much easier and less problematic healing process with this jewelry choice and will be offering it to clients in the future.

Healed Labret with High Placement

Healed Labret with High Placement

Kelly’s mom was just as awesome and decided that she needed a little “metal” in her life. She went with a basic, but not so common philtrum piercing. She is sporting a beautiful 16g prongset white opal.

Fresh 16g Philtrum

Fresh 16g Philtrum

The “Monroe” piercing is definitely one of our more common oral piercings. I hear a lot of people say that not everyone can “pull them off” but this young lady is having no such problem! Sam and I agree that placement for this piercing is key! Too high and it’s lost when someone smiles, too low and you run the risk of gum damage or snagging.

Healed 16g Monroe

Healed 16g Monroe

Jessica has been posted on our blog previously but we felt the need to post her again after she picked up these gorgeous CZ Plumeria Flower ends for her cheeks! We love working so closely with the Anatometal crew to make all of your jewelry dreams possible!

Healed 12g Cheek Piercings with Threaded Plumeria Flowers from Anatometal!!!

12g Cheek Piercings featuring CZ Plumeria Flower Threaded Ends!

Nostril Piercings are one of our most common piercings at WAY. The human nose can vary so much that no two nostril piercings are ever the same. The two young ladies below wanted to put a little twist on the basic nostril piercing and decided to get paired piercings. From the photos you can see the ladies went slightly different routes and I feel like they suite them and their anatomy quite well!

Healed 18g Double Nostril with Bezelset White Opals!

2x 18g 5/16" Threadless Titanium Flatbacks with a 1.5mm Bezelset White Opal Top and a 2mm Bezelset White Opal Bottom!

Healed 18g Double Nostril

Healed 18g Double Nostril with 1.5mm Bezelset White Opal front and 18g 5/16" Stainless Steel Seam Ring.

Healed 18g Double Nostril with 1.5mm Bezelset White Opal front and 18g 5/16" Stainless Steel Seam Ring.

Last year the Industrial seemed to be one of our most commonly requested ear cartilage piercings. This year we have had numerous requests for the forward helix. The two gals below are sporting a well healed 16g Industrial as well as a Industrial/ Forward Helix combo!

Fully Healed 16g Industrial

Posterior view of Healed 16g Industrial

Healing 14g Industrial and Forward Helix

Healing 14g Industrial and 16g Forward Helix

The piercing below is a different take on the traditional Industrial. This clients anatomy wouldn’t accommodate a “normal” Industrial so Sammy ordered her a custom surface barbell that would mock the placement and visual aesthetic. The barbell actually has 90 degree bends on both ends and exits out the back of the clients helix. We really hope to get a healed photo of this little one in the future!

14g "Staple" Industrial

The Anti-Tragus Piercing pictured below is a fairly uncommon piercing. The client below had ideal anatomy and was stoked to try something different. We hope to get a healed photo of this little guy in the future!

16g Anti Tragus with Threadless Titanium Barbell

Sam and I LOVE doing Conch Piercings like the one below. With the right jewelry choice I feel like this particular piercing can be both subtle and very complimentary to the ears anatomy. This piercing can be performed at numerous angles to change the aesthetic and dictate different jewelry options and I think that is one main reason Sam and I jump on the chance to do such a piercing.

Freshly pierced 14g Conch with 3mm Prongset CZ from Anatometal

Freshly pierced 14g Conch with 3mm Prongset CZ from Anatometal

The Cartilage Piercing below we have started calling the “Feltcher” a friend and regular of ours came up with the name and it has kinda stuck around the shop. This piercing exits behind the rook and is pretty much a lower placed helix piercing. Healing is relatively quick with this piercing as it isn’t as prone to snagging and rests parallel to the side of the face. Also pictured is a beautifully healed 14g Conch piercing =]

Fresh 14g "Feltcher" or Deep Helix Piercing.

The little one below was definitely a firecracker. Samantha had the joy of piercing her earlobes a few months back and she recently came in to switch out the ends on her Threadless posts. We are stoked to work with minors who understand what their piercing experience will entail and are capable of following aftercare as well as give consent to their piercing experience. We encourage parents to wait to have their children’s ears pierced until the piercee is able to articulate what they want and fully understand what will happen during their piercing.

Healed 16g Earlobe piercings on one of our toughest clients!

Healed 16g Earlobe piercings on one of our toughest clients! (Right Side)

Healed 16g Earlobe piercings on one of our toughest clients! (Left Side)

Last but not least we have a few paired tongue piercings. These piercing, unlike a center or traditionally placed piercing, actually pass through the muscle of the tongue. This can lead to increased swelling as well as discomfort during the healing process. The first set of photos is of a healed set at 4 weeks after their downsize and the third photo are a fresh set performed by Sam during her guest spot at Nomad in San Francisco, Ca. We often enjoy consulting with people about these piercings to inform them of the possible risks involved so if you are enticed by these beauties drop on in and lets talk!

Healed 12g Paired Tongue Piercings.

Healed 12g Paired Tongue Piercings. (Side View)

Fresh 12g Paired Tongue Piercings performed by Sam at Nomad Body Piercing in San Francisco, CA.

Well ladies and gents that is it for this post. Like I stated before, I am going to make it a point to make more frequent posts. Expect a post later this week for our Halloween Special as well as a post featuring a ton of larger gauge initial piercings as well as surface piercings and surface anchors!

Be well and we hope to see you at the shop soon!

March Mustache Madness!

Hello again!

As the title implies, we are getting ready for March Mustache Madness!  The new $5 OFF deal for the month of March?  All upper lip piercings!  That means, Philtrum/Medusa, Monroe/Madonna, and any variation of any piercings in the upper lip area.  We’d love to see some vertical upper lip piercings, but we will understand if we don’t get anyone asking for them.  Vertical lip piercings are already pretty rare compared to normal lip piercings, vertical upper lip piercings are like narwhals…they are real and do exist, but you might go your whole life without seeing one in person.

We have one more thing to talk about before we go ahead with the usual photo dump…

Best of Santa Cruz!  The “Best of” local businesses contests are going on right now!  If you’ve had a good experience with us (or if you haven’t, who am I to be picky?) then please click the images below and give us a vote!  Tell your friends!  Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

You can only vote ONCE from any computer on this one, any extra submissions from the same IP address will not be considered.  Please vote WAY BODY ARTS in the “Best New Business” category!

Also, show some love for CHIMERA TATTOO STUDIO in the “Best Tattoo Studio” category!

First, I’ve got a couple photos of some of the new jewelry we’ve gotten in! Mostly stuff for smaller gauge ear piercings.  The fronts are genuine silver, but they all have high quality steel posts. The flowered designs in the larger photo also have a genuine turquoise inlay. Come by and check out these and our other new jewels!

An ear project in progress.  This client requested an orbital.  For those of you unfamiliar with this term, an orbital generally refers to any number of piercings connected with a circular ring of some kind.  They are generally very anatomy dependent, harder to heal than the typical ear piercing, but VERY cool looking.

Due to the typically difficult healing process associated with cartilage piercings, we usually start orbitals and complex industrial piercings off with multiple separate pieces of jewelry.  This allows each individual piercing to heal and settle before inserting the singular ring or bar, which adds stress and pressure from all the piercings being connected.  Cartilage can take up to 6 months or more to heal completely, but hopefully when these piercings heal we will see this client in again to switch to the ring, and we can snap a photo of the finished product!

Industrials, much like the one pictured above, are also very anatomy dependent.  There are many different placements where a straight bar can pass through multiple piercings in the ear, but not every person is suited for every placement.  When getting industrial and orbital piercings, and deciding on which placement you want, you must not only take into account the aesthetic you desire and how that works with your anatomy, but also how it works with your lifestyle.  If you are the kind of person who constantly wears sunglasses or caps that can snag, bump or otherwise put pressure on your piercing, the placement may not work for you even if your anatomy is appropriate for the placement.  Of course, you could always adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the piercing, but be sure it is a change you are ready and willing to accept.  Piercings in the cartilage are not terribly forgiving.  That said, this client is sporting a bar that we anodized purple!

Later on in the day, the industrial clients sister came in for a labret piercing.  The photos here show just how well it came out.  She noted to me as I was marking her that she had the piercing before and people had said to her that it was crooked, though she didn’t seem to mind much.  I placed it just a bit differently than her last, and I think it works much better on her face.

When getting paired or centered piercings on your face, remember, not everyone’s face is totally symmetrical.  As piercers it is our job to find the best placement given your anatomy.  Maybe one ear is higher than the other, or your nose isn’t really centered.  We try our best to make sure it looks as good as possible, but don’t be afraid to take an active role in the placement!  We will make as many marks as we need to in order to ensure it is placed appropriately!

This tongue piercing is a few weeks healed.  The client came back in for a shorter post, which EVERY tongue piercing client should do!  To protect your teeth and gums it is necessary to have a snug fitted barbell that won’t leave extra jewelry hanging out in your mouth to play with or chip your teeth.  After you get your tongue pierced, you should head back to a shop for a shorter post in 2-4 weeks (depending on how bad your swelling was and how much it has subsided)!

These two are prime examples of why we think Santa Cruz is a septum town.  We’ve done so many since we opened!   These two young ladies both got their septums pierced over a month ago, and have healed them enough to wear these cute little seamless rings.  The first client wears a small ring machined out of steel, which gives the more typical “silver” look.  The second client (below) wears a ring made of niobium, which comes in a dark grey, almost black color.  It is not coated, so opening and closing the ring does not cause chipping or flaking, which can be harmful in both new and healed piercings.

Above is a philtrum we did a couple months ago.  A little bit larger than the “typical” lip piercing, this client requested 10g jewelry, and we initially healed the piercing with a simple glass plug.  Now that the piercing has healed, she is wearing a gorgeous traditional threaded titanium labret post with an awesome 4mm Onyx cabachon gem on top!

Last but not least, we have healed photos of what may be two of our most favorite clients ever…

They were the first people to walk through our doors looking for piercing services, and they have been some of our most delightful clients to date.  Mateo did both of their labrets, which sit comfortably healed at 0g.  Though they change their jewelry every once in so often, the pieces pictured are made of fossilized dinosaur bone (above), and amethyst (below).

That’s all for now, folks!  Until next time…  <3